About US


Peer Groups were formed in 2001.  Starting with a single group in Indianapolis, the organization has grown to over twenty five cities in North America.  It all started with a simple philosophy- business owners learn best from other business owners.  We believe in the power of peer consulting and business advisory groups.

This starts with our founder.  In 1994, our founder joined a CEO group while running a manufacturing concern.  The company was doing well, but he found himself struggling with growth issues, no one to talk to, and constantly re-inventing the wheel.  His positive experience in this peer group created his desire to form Peer Groups.

Our Philosophy

There seems to be an infinite supply of CEO learning opportunities.  To us, this begs the question, “Is knowledge what is keeping business owners from getting to the next level?”  In our mind, the answer is “no.”  Additional knowledge can be invaluable, however, when quizzed, most Business Owners say that they need to better execute upon the ideas and knowledge they already possess.   A business advisory board of CEO peers is the best way we have found to create such a system.

Our Vision

Peer Groups will serve North American business owners who strive for more.  We will continue to grow only as fast as we can find top talent in a local market.  For instance, there are some markets we do not currently serve.  The reason for this is that we have not found a leader in that market who meets our standards.