Do you find yourself in any of the following situations on a regular basis as a business owner?

  • I work in my business everyday – it’s like I own a job

  • I tried delegating, but it never seems to work out – nobody can do it as well as I can

  • I’d like to grow, but sales people just never seem to work out and I can’t find enough time to sell myself

  • Marketing? – sounds good, but I’ve spent thousands and it’s just too expensive

If you can relate to any of these, then we have the solution: business owner peer advisory forums.

When you own a midsized business, you don’t have some the resources that can help you grow faster, access the capital you need, or simply make life easier.

Working together with like-minded local business owners in a peer advisory forum can:

  • Provide a wealth of best practices and insight
  • Open up powerful networking channels
  • Plug into ready-made ecosystems of the top-tier service providers
  • Improve your strategic outlook and planning
  • Make the sometimes lonely job of running a business more fun

Since our peer groups are confidential, we cannot allow guests to preview a meeting. However, we want to demonstrate the power of the Peer Group process so we would welcome the opportunity to share a portion of our powerful Business MRI. Our local group leader will meet at your office for about an hour to gather the information needed for the software to create a custom report on 1) your business model effectiveness and 2) the valuation of the business and scoring of your exit strategy/ability.

There is no charge for this meeting. We welcome the opportunity to meet high-quality potential members. To start the process, please complete the form below.